Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Tuesday's DVD review

Sugarloaf Mountain: Today's Movie review
Grizzly Man ( or man in a grizzly stomach)
is out on DVD
so I suggest you rent it and laugh yourselves silly at this foolishness,
here is a link to my original review on OCT 5 ( aren't archives the best?!)

ok pumpkin pie is the best, but
archives are second best.


EniGmAtiC NoStaLgiA said...

heyas David, how did u chance upon me?
do i know you or are u a passerby?

Carol said...

My daughter saw this at a film festival. She liked it. I was concerned about the bear attack scene but heard it was done well without gruesomeness.

Read your review. You are crazy! Not that I doubted it but...

Oh, I agree, pumpkin pie is the best!

haroldflynn8178 said...

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Neo said...

David -I love pumkin pie! Send some of that over here to Philly!!! :)

Veronika said...

Party at David's house!!
We'll watch Grizzly Man and have pumpkin pie.
Seriously, after reading your review I added the movie to my queue.

Joe said...

I don't know, David, I like archives an awful lot. I like them with plenty of mustard.

David said...

Joe, I lost my secret DHS super decoder ring, what are you trying to say - has nettie escaped the deprogramming?
Please go see my friend Veronika, she needs help with her makeup!