Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mom's special place

mom has a special place in our hearts, a special resting place for her remains, and a blessed place with the King of the universe and Lord of creation, Jesus the Messiah.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

always good

in a hundred ways - over thousands of days and with amazing creativity my God continues to amaze, surprise and refresh me with His love, grace and wisdom. If God was not so big, powerful and complex that we stood in absolute awe of Him, what would that be like? Who wants a God you can comprehend or control?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

a tale of two beggars

"when i was hungry you gave me to eat" -------------------
I was so hungry, so very empty that my insides seemed to be gnawing away at me, so desperate for something, anything to quiet the rumbling inside that I found the bugs and grasses attractive. Afraid to get sick again, I had to do something else. I was out of options: no money, no work, no friends left to bum off. I looked at my few possessions, carried in a paper sack, and there was nothing left to sell. How would I survive? Where was there help for someone like me in this crowded city? It was not Sunday so the churches were closed up tight and I smelled bad and had just these worn out clothes and poor fitting shoes to wear. Yes I felt shame for being unable to care for myself, but I also felt worse knowing that no one really cared! My hunger pain was only the beginning of my problem, I had the deeper pain of not belonging to anyone, not fitting in with the rest. Each day I felt more isolated, more alone and more desperate. Yes I wanted food and clothes like everyone else, maybe even a warm bed under a roof, where I could sleep without worry. More than that I wanted to know that someone cared enough to see through the filth to the real me. I wanted someone to call me by name, and to sit next to me, listening to what I had to say..... ------------------------ Jesus said, " I was naked and you clothed me"

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

freak of Jesus

I have no doubt that the men i meet with Tuesdays are deeply spiritual and sincere in their love for the Lord. Perhaps I should see them at an hour later than 6am? ------ I am not good, at all. I am better than I was, but No way good or right or close to what I can be with God's help. I feel a deep burden for these four men who do not comprehend the work that God is doing in me, nor value the effervescence which their own selected study and the scriptures they are going through are stirring in this old heart of mine. Nehemiah 8