Wednesday, December 28, 2005

what do I think

do I think
dare I not think
I really want to do something unthinkable
without thinking it through.
I would ask what you think
but that would be impossible
since I don't want anyone thinking about this.
Can I do what I don't think about?
will I be able to carry this off without a plan
or shall i just pretend to fall into it?

lets change the game so you all can play ( except YOU!)
what if a dessert was so yummy and full of calories
that no one should be allowed to eat it
(plug in the name of your favorite indulgent dessert here)
(-----) is stalking you,, knowing you made all those promises after the last overeating event, like yesterday.(_____) is pulling out all the stops to get you to give in, eat too much and die from excess yumminess in the tumminess.
(____) lurks in the fridge, gets itself left on the counter and even has a "jewish mother" advocate that cries out on its behalf: "if you don't eat this I'll have to throw it away"
will you cave in? or is your self restraint a match for the dessert from heaven, that is also to die from.
" We have no idea what he is talking about either, ( the voices in my head say) but please if you comment tell us the favorite thing you know you should not eat, and ways you justify it anyway.
This Psychological test was not tested on animals, or endangered plants.


Barbara said...

Pumpkin pie. Did you know it is the most nutritious dessert?

phoenix said...

Death by Chocolate Layer Cake... and no I can't say no to it :P

Carol said...

I think I'll go have a matrimonial date square!

Joe said...

My favorite dessert, the one that I dare not eat even one piece of, lest I eat it all is, and always will be (______).

Veronika said...

I'm not really in to desserts, but that doesn't mean I don't eat them! My favorite is pecan squares. I justify it by convincing myself that it'll go to waste if I don't eat it! he he

Nettie said...

McDonald's Fries. Cause they make me happy.

Shelley said...

Sweets in general. I justify it by saying that if I break it in half all the calories fall out. If it is chocolate, it is nutritious because it has milk in it which is good for you, nuts (if it has nuts in it) which gives you protein...need I go on? LOL

Jeff H said...

Nettie: "McDonald's Fries. Cause they make me happy."

That's because they come in the Happy Meal, right?

My all-time favorite dessert (that someone else makes for me) is my mom's Cherry Supreme (basically, a layer of crushed graham crackers, covered with a mixture of Philadelphia Cream Cheese and Cool Whip, topped with a layer of cherry pie filling). I will eat it whenever and wherever it is presented to me. Period.

Anonymous said...

I understand

Snaggle Tooth said...

Strawberries in juice over chocolate ice-cream with real whipped cream, or a chocolate malted shake.
Not since August n counting...

Hope you're not trying to avoid a Cheezecake! I'll eat those for breakfast, n they're the worst quick pound-packer-on... hate wasting em too!
It's been since Memorial Day...

Time to go eat more kiwi-Jello...
Good Luck holdin out!

Debi said...

Does this really have anything to do with food?

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