Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Today's Movie review

Grizzly man -click for the trailer if you must.
See it quick, as this film will be out of theaters as quick as a grizzly can eat a dufus.
We are gathered today to roast the remains of Timothy Treadwell.
He is far and away the most naive and cutest Bear authority,
Quite possibly the gayest man not alive.

My initial findings: The movie was highly entertaining
Tim treadwell is gay, gayer than will and grace put together.
Timothy treadwell is bisexual at best, super confused to be sure.
Timothy treadwell is insane, and talks to bears to prove it.
timothy treadwell has the worst looking hair of all time ( cept mine)
Tim the tread head sleeps with his teddy bear
Treadwell would not make a good potential life partner, ladies,
because Timothy Treadwell is dead

The grizzly man has severe problems with people but gets along
well with furry animals, especially the foxes.
He over estimates himself and under estimates the bears
Tim goes on screaming rants against the park service
which come off like a three year olds tantrum when he can't get what he wants.

Somehow the director put this hodge podge of video into
a meaningful product, which I was happy to pay five bucks to see.
We all laughed our selves silly at this mouse of a man
creating his own version of reality on film.
Since it was an illusion, it ended badly.
The documantation of the bear killing him and his female companion
was recorded on audio, but not played for us ( bummer)
The pilot who was to pick them up described the head and rib cage
being all that was left of Timothy Treadwell, that and his arm with a watch, still ticking.
what may be a the message from the bear
"You better watch yourself in the woods"

do you have other morals for this story?
I would love to hear them
I know you have several, Joe.

Grizzly people dot com paid me to shut up, but Jayleigh said I could spend it on ice cream.


Jayleigh said...

luvvv the review davie boy

Heather said...

That man was delusional and yet it was an incredibly gripping movie.

And he did have the worst hair ever!! (Possibly even worse than Trump's)

Nettie said...

Aren't grizzlies the cute and cuddly ones?