Friday, November 04, 2011

windy with a chance of falling tree limbs

Big stuff blowing out of the North, shaking what is left of the oak tree leaves , to see who is stuck tight, and who is ready to blow into the neighbors yard.
When the wind blows, what is your reaction, usually to hide inside or at least behind something stable, protective. Probably a smart move, but some days I like to bundle up and go face to face with the gusts. It is my way of saying, " Winter I know you are tough up here on the mountain, but I am just as tough".
So i think i will leash up the dog and take a walk out in the forest, to listen to the wind and to talk back a bit.  Even if God is not in the wind, perhaps he will whisper to me.


Amrita said...

I am too fond of windy days. In the summer dry hot winds make it unbearable. The winter winds are chilly and peirce us through. I like the rain bearing monsoon breeazes.

hydroxatone said...

Yes, windy can be very refreshing really. Although I love summer best. Windy would be kite flying for me. It's fun..