Wednesday, November 02, 2011

what can we say ?

took a short walk in to Deep creek hot springs
and after a very interesting day, took the
MUCH LONGER hike up and out of the canyon back to the car.
It was awesome to see such a beautiful stream carving through the foothills above the desert
and to see HOT water flowing from the rocks. People had made pools by bringing in cement and using that to form deeper rock pools for soaking. Some people forgot their bathing suits, but I did not mind much. After soaking for a while, and having a picnic, my friend and I relaxed in the sun, clothed, and listened to the sounds of nature, interrupted only by the chatter of our Korean friends, one of whom played Amazing Grace on his harmonica.  It was a truly beautiful day in every way.

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Amrita said...

sounds like a lovely relaxing day with friends