Tuesday, November 01, 2011


taking off to do some hiking, some exploring, some
building of friendship and
talking to God in the wild places He has created.
Thank God for November, October was a LONG month
not altogether sad, but complicated.
I have held my own memorial
for a relationship now gone,
and I am upward bound,
listening to the voice of the Lord, on the heights


Judyblueyez said...

Be safe, stay warm, take some awesome pictures, for goodness sake remember to take your head out of the clouds long enough to watch where you step, and I hope the Lord has some good things to say ..... giving you clarification and direction ....
Enjoy the sunsets and don't forget to smile!!

Amrita said...

Praise the Lord. Good to hear this.

I had a very peaceful day todayt - almost stress free. There was the company of God 's people on our campus, young Bible school students helping to clear the land for the Revival tent meeting Nov 11-13th. We gave them lots of guavas. The girls played with Sheeba.

I went to visit my sick aunt in hospital. Her two daughters have come from England to look after her.

They were saying how difficult life is for women in India.

Two senior Pastors visited us this morning and exhorted me to consider marriage as its so hard to live as a single woman in India. I listened to them with a smile and promised to pray about it. They noticed how I needed help. They prayed for us.

Pastor Joseph is an ex Catholic. His family was extremely hostile when he joined the Protestant church. They said they would have preferred him to become a Muslim than a Protestant - what a hateful thing to say.

But now he says his siblings and lastly his mother have all accepted Christ. How amazing.