Friday, October 28, 2011

several blessings

It has been said that it is good to count your blessings.
Can I make it to 100? Perhaps, but that might be ambitious, or would bore, or could lead me toward pride or vain imagination:

I have great health, all of what I need to work, works!
Love has been no stranger to me
Loss only visits once in a while and does not stay long
Mom is gone, but her memory is always nearby and a pleasant one
Dad lives on in my hands, and now my feet, most of all my heart
There are abundant places to be alone, and comfortable peace is waiting there
When I work, my heart works with me, hardly any drudgery
Relaxing is natural, anxiety is a foreign agent, not allowed in this country
Physical pain is very minimal and with a good therapist, relief is only an hour away.
Freedom is showing up everywhere:
   I am freed from caring (daily) for mom.
   Free from self delusion, depression and despair
   Free from 20 extra pounds that had slowed me down
   Ready to walk through the mountains, which is almost free vacationing
   I live free in America which is still the greatest country in the world

See?  I could go on and on, but I must write someting else some where else,
so I bid you GOOD good day, and ask, 'What are you thankful for?'


Amrita said...

Our cup overflows.

I am thankful to the Lord that He gave us our daily bread.
For encouragement from the Scriptures.
For a gift from you David.
I could attempt a few tasks which were causing anxiety and stress in me.
For cool weather - the blasting heat has gone.
A cousin visited us in the afternoon and cheered us with his stories and chatter

Tony said...

Hello David

I see that you include your astrological sign (Leo) in your profile, which suggests that this has some significance for you.

Surely you must know not only that astrology is total rubbish but also that it is based on pagan beliefs and that therefore it should not be given credence by God-fearing people?

I do urge you to delete your reference to it lest it give a false impression of your Christian faith.

David Edward Linus said...

hi tony,
did not realize that I could opt out of that showing
I am not a Leo, I am a lion of the tribe of Judah!