Tuesday, November 15, 2011

never a blank page

writing online has ( for me) great benefits.
One is that I never lose the papers that I had to store, move, protect from the elements,etc.
the bigger advantage is in editing. without wasting paper I can write whatever I want and come back later to correct it, enhance it or delete it altogether.
another is that if i decide to write something too personal, or that may be strange, offensive or out of character I can just save is as a draft, and you do not have to read it.
Why the heck would I write something offensive?  I am practicing all sorts of writing and some of it has become intensely personal, and even though I was an Altar server, i was never a choir boy, if you know what I mean. the life of crime stuff does not always edify the reader, so when it gets messy, i do not publish to the web, but store it for my own therapeutic use later on. There are some who have read my harder pieces and given me good feedback, I am especially grateful to them.
Today I will unveil this small bit of the secret me:
I am not done growing yet.
Many things that were apart of me, are no more. Somethings that I had not ever been. still are yet to come. All these changes, both large and small show me that I am alive in spirit, and living in an exciting and changing world, where my faith is tested, made more strong and where God trusts me enough to give me liberty. He knows that I will always come round to His love, and to His divine point of view.  For God's love and for His patience I am ever thankful.
What are you thankful for this day?


Amrita said...

David I have been through very dark times too when God seemed so far away, but now in retrospect I see that He was very close to me.

I used to maintain a daily hand written journal and I a whole bunch of them. But once during a life crisis,m I was so mad I burnt them all. Now i regret it.

Today I am thank to God for giving me the courage to do what I had to do.

Amrita said...

we who believe are NEW CREATIONS in CHRST

David Edward Linus said...

a few of my prayer journals remain, most are lost or rain damaged