Thursday, October 27, 2011

break through, or break away.

pushing the reset button on me.

nothing that has gone on the past several months must stop me from exploring
from discovering, from pushing myself to my limits in hope of exhausting me and finding the reservoir that comes from God, breaking through to the pipe of blessing, and letting Him and his wisdom flood my mind, body and heart.
Just as in the middle of a very dark night we do not long for the sunset that was, we long for the first light of dawn that precedes the sunrise that is coming. This is a dark place for me, but not nearly as bad as the prior places where my body and mind were at limits, and I found little in the reserve tank of my spirit. Each time I have hot a very low spot, God has been faithful to send His message, to equip messengers to bring to me a cup of refreshment, along with a candle's worth of light, just so that I could see my next step.
I walk on, but I do not walk alone.

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Amrita said...

Dear David I 've been through the dark night of the soul - so to speak and God is taking me through and refreshing me - emerging with greater faith and trust.

You are in my prayers