Saturday, October 15, 2011

my journey

Ok, I get it.
you should too.

yet i know that a moment like I had this very morning comes to each of us in time... Their time

I can hardly explain it, much less give you the directions or GPS coordinates to finding the place where life comes into focus and the voices of the wind, and surf and wildlife all speak the same message. It must be different for each according to their needs and their place in life's cycle. Here is a small piece of what is being heard by my innermost man: You are alright, safe and sound. Nothing that went before and nothing that comes after this moment is

(found unfinished in drafts)


David said...

now I need to write the rest of it !!

David said...

i wrote this in Jan 2010, and can not recall it, but it is clear I was having a great day

Amrita said...

keep going David

Snaggle Tooth said...

I've had many "TG I'm still aliver after that!" moments - sounds like one of those.

Perhaps it ended with "... is important."

Cool finding the old stuff when it still rings true-