Thursday, October 13, 2011

the circle game

my life has run in cycles
a revolving of people, places and time.
I have seen here how I get motivated, moving and growing
and then later how I am wandering again. and then another change comes!

Nothing could ever move me like the decline and death of my mom
but in all that I was serving, and being served by some of the best of God's servants.

After mom passed into the arms of Jesus
I had a rebirth of optimism, a sense of great freedom
and a rise in my productivity and creativity that was HUGE.
I was so glad to serve my family and her during that time that i did not count what it was costing me. It was a mission. Ordained for me to accomplish, and meant to change my selfishness and short sightedness forever. God is still using that experience to mold me and make me. He is the potter, I am the clay.


colleen said...

I look back fondly on the two weeks I spent with my brother when he was dying. I learned that it was such a one-pointed focus to live in service to someone you love. A gift.

Amrita said...

Death brings us close to life.
You were a good son David and now you are retracing your footsteps with your Dad.

May it be a blessing to you