Saturday, October 15, 2011

Triumph in the trees

from my trip to Sequoia with my mom, summer 2010
I am walking briskly, breathing deeply and can feel my pulse is going at a pretty good rate of
maybe two beats per second. I practice what I learned from Susan Powter about breathing, forcing in and out too much air, so that I can burn as many calories as possible.
I am not out for my health or for fitness, I realize that if I finish this walk today, as planned, I will probably be hurting in a lot of places.
I am about a destination, for now, over five miles away and two thousand feet higher. it is a lot to do in a short time, but I have forgotten, conveniently, how out of shape I may be. I have chosen to imagine that I can do all things because I want to do them. I have rolled the dice and figured that IF I can get to the top of this trail I will have enough strength and endurance to get back down in time for dinner.
I wriggled myself out of a warm sleeping bag at about six, and slurped one strong cup of coffee and put my lunch and a few other items in a sack with a couple quarts of water. I hit the trail at a quarter to seven with plenty of light in the sky, but no sun on the tree tops yet.

( my starting place is Lodge Pole campground in Sequoia National park at 6600 feet elevation, or 2011 meters in Canadian - no drugs were involved other that over the counter Naproxene. )

In a few minutes I will have an experience that changes not WHO I am, or What I am, but seems to alter HOW I am, and how I fit into my world. It is something I was not seeking because I did not know it existed. I did not think to look for something buried inside of me to set me free, since I thought that a teaching or practice or discipline outside of me would have to be learned, gained or embraced to find this thing for which I do not yet have a name.
( I will temporarily name it the Z factor.)


Kathryn said...

Hooray for Z factor! :)

David said...

when the z factor happens, i am in my mind, only. the working of my heart, lungs legs and feet are all separated from me by a barrier.
the mind is aware that all organs are working hard and doing as much as possible, but it does not care. Mind rejoices that it in OVER all that, and is being carried along gently as if in an old sedan chair. Vision is king! we float through a vast panorama of trees, meadows and streams that are making us giddy with the colors and textures they unfold, as if in a really GOOD movie. the walk continues, but I know that I am forever re-tuned to the possibility of awareness that goes far beyond my physical experience. I have walked among the angels

Pat said...

David - my deepest sympathy on losing your mother. I hope you can take comfort from happy memories and the knowledge you have been a loving son. She will always be with you and I know from my own losses that the grief gets easier to bear.
We owe it to our lost loved ones to make the most of our time on earth. God bless.

Amrita said...

you described it well

Snaggle Tooth said...

It's an interesting awareness you describe in Factor Z-
I believe the angels were with you too. They're always looking out for us.
I think we were built to do daily marathons to survive before civilization took away out inner need to hunt n gather.
I too always feel accomplished when completing a walk or hike, which I've done most of my life.
Most memorable the times as a single parent without a car, n almost daily 3 mile walks with a full baby carriage n cargo to haul. Tho need fueled many walks- I'm glad I can still do it!

David Edward Linus said...

snaggle tooth, the angelic are always with me, its just moments like these that I sense them. I did see a young doe, that walked up to within 25 feet of me. It was a good, hard hike, in the middle of doing something good (and complicated) for mom.
I want to float on the breeze again, I want to feel ALL the power that the Holy spirit can pour into me. Lord let your glory fill this place.