Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Can I look into my soul?

Can I look deep within and see what is there?
When talking to a friend, or a love, or a family member
how do we comunicate trust, honesty, sincerity ?
Perhaps most of all by our eyes.
"Look me in the eye" was a common way for a father to get the truth from a son or daughter that was trying to hide something.
Looking in the eyes is a daring act, that some cultures do not value,
 or do not use.
Every day we look at ourselves in a mirror, but do we look inside, at the person behind the pupils, do we seek to know ourselves on a  deeper level?
I am suggesting this as an exercise, based on the poem 'man in the mirror', sent to me many years ago by a good friend who I respect. If I can trust the man looking back at me, then others can too. If I can not trust him whose reflection is there when I comb my hair, the all others should beware.
If I can lie to myself, how will I know the truth to speak it to others?
   So today, instead of looking to see if my hair is just right ( fat chance) or if I shaved every spot on my chin, i will look deep, and see if I like the person within. When I am done drying the fog off the mirror I will not look to see if I have done a good job with the glass, I will look to see if the work my father set out to do, to raise bright and caring and truthful young men into adults, has been a success.
I seek to know you, when I look in your eyes, and to allow myself to be known. I want whoever knows me to know the real me, the truth about me.


Amrita said...

Yes its a good exercise, lookhe eye; The bible says examine yourself to see if you are in the faithing at

Judyblueyez said...

The eyes are the window to the soul ... I'm learning ... I have a good teacher with beautiful eyes - in which I'm seeing a beautiful man, a beautiful soul ....

Donetta said...

In this David is pure wisdom, freedom and great risk. IT is the great desire of my heart to so see into the true self and to be reflecting what it is we see in those around us. They ask as we it safe. Make it safe today to be who you see. Given permission to be. Might just have to fight for it.
Be fierce. Think about the ferocity of Jesus in the money market wiping out those cattle and sheep and creating a stampede. He was not just some wimpy guy afraid to make a fuss.Oh and the humor and playfulness. Being real is full of risks. Make it safe to be so. Make it so for yourself as well as those around you.
Good to hear a wonderful heart expressed. Just beautiful David.

David Edward Linus said...

thank you Amrita, and bless you Donetta for your kindnesses over these years. Welcome Judy to my world.