Friday, July 24, 2009

early - even for me

the coyotes were singing tonight
at least that is how they imagine it
to humans, our ears only want it to be quiet at 3AM
so we may call it many other names.

There is something about living on the edge of the forest
where bears still roam and I suspect a deer or two.
we see so much wildlife it becomes passe.
the coyotes are seen some during early morning or late evening
but do their best work right through the graveyard shift.
Tonight a large group of them were having a meeting
just up the hill from us and since the night is deathly quiet
their several voices carried right in the open windows and filled my ears and my imagination.
I used to try imitating them, but I think I do a better Willie Nelson. Soon another pack from a half mile away answered the incredibly high calls with something of their own. I do not allow myself to think of this as language, but it does communicate, so what do I call it? I call it a gift, to be awake at 4 am and to have the freedom to think about these things because so many of the other things in my life are taken care of so completely. I have clean clothes to wear, food in the fridge, an strong roof over my head when it rains or snows. I am warm in the deep cushioning embrace of a very comfortable place and I appreciate it so much.


Amrita said...

Up untill a few years ago we had jackals living in the wooded area near our church and they used to make a ruckus at nifght and howl at the moon, but when new buildings started coming up and the forest cover dimishing they ran away.

Like you say , we have a lot of things to thank God for.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

You really live with nature. Better than a crowded city.

NetChick sent me here.

sage said...

such sounds are a blessing and a curse--I remember several nights when hiking the Appalachian Trail that I'd be awaken at 3 or 4 AM by a whip-o-will... after a few minutes, I was ready to whip a bird!

Donetta said...

I just love your attitude. Thanks for the prayers a much better day today.

Snaggle Tooth said...

That's what time I get home from work, turn on the tube, cook food, n start unwinding!
I saw a large doe in daylight by the grade school last week- They don't know what's up with all the rainy days either!
We have occassional coyotes also- but not lots of howling-
Lucky you got a show!