Thursday, July 23, 2009

oh my

I wish I had more to say these days.
Please just know that:
I am happy and very content with what God has given me
Work keeps getting better - I am just busy enough
and making some money and enjoying long summer days and much walking.
My beach vacation was terrific, so much so that I took very few pictures.
The house here continues to be a source of joy and challenge
and the gardens are making progress... the lettuce grows 2 inches high and then is eaten by chipmunks. I will have squash someday, but the tomatoes are prone to disappear to the crazy squirrels. oh well at least my flowers are showing well.
I have a wonderful life and I thank all the people who have added to it over these many years.


Snaggle Tooth said...

Sorry to hear the critters are giving youtr seedlings grief! The squirrels n possums are eatinfg all my goodies too-

Apparently it's good to have dogs, n cats guarding the fort 24/7.
Even chickenwire didn't save my sunflowers- all the way doen the stems!
Then the squirrels (who I feed daily in other spot) keep climbing on my window screens n chewing big holes in them! So I'm trying garlic cloves in the windowsills- well at least it'll stop the vampires... if not the rodents!

Count your blessings indeed!

Amrita said...

Praising the Lord with you.

Jean said...

Hmmmm... it is very difficult to find someone totally content with life, these days :)
Here from Netchick's.