Saturday, July 25, 2009

more wild life , GRRRrrrrrrrr

the sugar snap peas were ALMOST a foot tall yesterday
today, they are leafless twigs,
I guess the chipmunks could not wait for the peas themselves and
ate the leaves, they also have a taste for spinach and lettuce
( or maybe I have a bunny that is visiting?)
umm Hossenfeffer comes to mind


Nikki-ann said...

Oh dear! Our problem seems to be other snails eating plants etc!

I hope you're having a good weekend otherwise.

NetChick sent me to say Hello :)

Kim Williams said...

hate it when that happens. what to do?

Here from NetChick today and she says HELLO!

Amrita said...

We also have the same problem, the birds get the seeds to then there are the field mice.
Too bad really

Snaggle Tooth said...

Sorry to hear they got your peas! Bummer! I wonder what farmers do to head the peskys off at the pass? Mischief the cat only out once in awhile is ineffective-
I'm considering hardware wire...

tanya (aka netchick) said...

Oh darn! All that work for the chipmunks to devour. :(

Thanks for popping by the MEET n' GREET this past weekend, as usual! Always great to have you there!

Bob-kat said...

Pesky varmints!

Anonymous said...

don't be discouraged about your gardens....I read somewhere that people in your neck of the woods grow cows !!

and oh yes...Happy Birthday !!

May you continue to live out each day strenghtened and encouraged by the love of our He showers your world with the beauty of family, friends and His endless mercy and grace..

David said...

I am going into the business of making real fur coats for Barbie dolls from the 20 or 30 chipmunks that live in the many wood piles. So I get to learn about tanning hides again. Now I need a tiny seamstress. Anon, do you need a small job?