Monday, February 16, 2009

out of the archives

Hope has been with me for a very long time, so I thought I would write her a poem:

Hope woke me up today,
sounding like a flight of geese headed north
the air filled with excitement and unlimited possibility

Hope is the one that never quits,
never tires, always keeps looking ahead for me
When I have no plans, a day with her is enough

Her call is rustling through the barren trees
telling me of warmer days, star filled nights
She is blowing the last of the winter chill away

Hope whispers to me that life is more than my eyes can see
more than what my ears can hear
She lends her strength to my upward climb
Waiting for me at the summit

Hope comforts me with caresses, soft and rhythmic,
like the lapping of gentle waves on the lake shore
Her voice calms my fears with gentle promises:
simplicity, joy and contentment are her sisters

Hope remains when foolish desire has faded
and youthful enthusiasm wanes
Hope is changeless, immovable,
ever renewed, and able to make me smile again

Hope is at every trail's end, a boulder upon which
I must sit and appreciate the view and the effort made to attain it
Hope is my resting point, my place of strength today.

c. 2007 David Schmidt


craziequeen said...

hi david, I liked this :-)

oh, and I loved the report from the family dinner with your kids and mom.
Here's hoping you inherit the longevity gene from your mom :-)


Bob-kat said...

Hope is what keeps us going sometimes isn't it? Sometimes the hope that things will get better is all there is. Once again, a lovely poem.