Thursday, February 19, 2009

poems and copyright, at 5 degrees F

Hello dear reader,
In Mexifornia we like to say "mi casa, es su casa"
( my house is your house, until the bank takes it back)

We also like to say, "who let the dogs out?" especially in Sugarloaf
where fences are for jumping over and leashes and collars are for tiny dogs that do not need them. The big brutes run free and make life difficult for granny walking her small companion dogs.

oops - got lost already! Big surprise.
----------------- re-boot ---------------
Mi casa es a place de mucho poemo!
I live here to write poems.

They are my gift to God who created me, and my gift to you
with whom I share the earth and this electronic space.

Please enjoy them - and if you wish you may copy and paste them elsewhere, I do not think they are really MINE. If you were to publish them, then please mention my name and blog address. The light I get, I get from the only inspiration in the universe, God the Creator. The words I have come from a brain that He made and a soul that He saved and redeemed from a really dark, lonely place.
If I could share only one thing with you through Sugarloaf Mountain it would be how precious it is to be held, close and safe, by a loving God, forever, and to have no doubts about my worth to Him.


Amrita said...

Thank you David.

Like your quotes or sayings.

Who let the dogs out?
That 's a song also which I like a lot.

Please can you tell me what this saying means?

Want a cultural interpretation.
Does it mean -who is responsible for the trouble?
My dog wants attention, she is wagging her tail and wants to be petted.

David said...

I emailed my answer to Amrita,
so readers, WHAT do YOU think the song, "who let the dogs out, is about?" Layla, any one else?

Carmi said...

I have nightmares just thinking about that tune. Sometimes, folks in mass media don't know when to leave well enough alone. That song is a shining example.


1461 Days said...

Stopping in to say Hello
Nice writing style!

Tanya sent me!

Have a great day!

mw said...

I'm with Carmi on "Who let the dogs out". (Shuddering a little).

I like it when you are a little drifty David. Keeps things interesting :).

Tanya sent me, and I'm glad to be here!

CKC411 said...

Hello. NetChick sent me.
I love words, so I will be back to your site.

Snaggle Tooth said...

It's so inconsiderate to let large dogs out to run rampant thru neighborhoods. Some people are really afraid of them, or should be, because they can be dangerous for the slight of build n youngsters, never mind the kitty cats n little poochies.