Sunday, February 15, 2009


this much joy is hard to contain
all three of my beautiful kids sharing the table with my terrific mom
each of the recipes I pulled from various sites working so well together.
Being sure I got the right present for the special daughter's 18th birthday.
having them all sit together on the couch learning German from Rosetta Stone.
I think it is mostly playtime, but I do want to learn my mother tongue, sometime.

mom had a wonderful Sunday evening
it is all worth it when I get to see that.

When I am that old (90) I hope to be as alive and sharp.


Matt S said...

Hello, David! NetChick sent me!

That being said...what a wonderful sentiment to read this Monday morning. Cheers!

Phoenix said...

nice David! Glad you got lots of smiles!

Jared said...

it was a nice evening. thank you for cooking and making sure that it was so special. i had a great time

Snaggle Tooth said...

Sounds great- lucky you!