Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mid week evaluation

wow, the days fly by.....
i am spending time with mom, which we both enjoy and need.
I am working on the interior of the tree house
carpet, floors, and hooking the pipe up to the stove
so that I can bring some heat against the 30 degree nights
the bed is warm enough IF i leave the heating pad on low all night

I am loving that I have good weather and the time to do some of what is needed
to make it ready for the winter.
also getting mom's house ready for Thanksgiving and the gathering of the generations.

OH, I do so want to go kayaking again, soon, and I promise this time NOT to strain my shoulder.

Thanks for dropping by


Amrita said...

Sounds pretty cold up there.

Have a good day

Charmarie said...

Hi David! Thanks for stopping by :) I think spending time with parents is always a good thing. A tree house sounds like fun at 7000 feet though humm sounds chilly. I'll be back I'm interested in the treehouse.

Sara said...

I see you are still hanging out on the mountain.

Oh, I am going to go kayaking next summer - I am making plans - and it will be in Acadia National Park!!!

Sounds like life is good up there!!!

Sara said...

Oops - I forgot to say...

"Hello, Michele sent me!!!" (It's been a while!!!)

OldHorsetailSnake said...

You seem to be on an interesting trail. (I came here from Michele's place.)

Mr. Althouse said...

Hello David,

I don't suppose you have posted any pictures of your tree house - I'd sure love to see it. It's always been something of a dream to live in a tree house that was, in any significant sense, also a house.

Michele sent me,


Snaggle Tooth said...

I hope your heat is funtional very soon!
We're doing artic temps today- I'm grateful for the 60 F in here-
You're fortunate the family will be coming to your location.
Have a great holiday!

utenzi said...

My shoulders can handle kayaking fine but I get some real problems with my hands when it's cold or I pull too hard. Arthritis is on its merry ole way, I'm afraid. Still, it's worth it to get out on the water.