Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Grey and showering kind of day

i have so much to do
I am glad I have many talents
THANK you, Lord for all I have learned and for all I am learning
about myself, those around me and
the bright big world we live in.

Thank you for the changing seasons and the rainfall
that is coming right AFTER I put the shingles on my tree house roof.

Pictures due soon, but I must go straighten up first.....

Love to all


jel said...

hope ya have a grat thanksgiving ;)

colleen said...

Yes, it feels good to be able to use our bodies, minds, and spirit in this world and to do what we were made for. Winter is good for retreat and review. What would Michele do?

Amrita said...

Happy Thanksgiving David

Last Girl On Earth - Deni said...

Hi David. Here via Michele. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Enjoy your Thanksgiving! Glad it didn't rain on your parade. Good luck on the progress.