Sunday, November 16, 2008

i am letting my voice be heard

I am going in monday to record a
radio commercial for some friends of mine who own a feed store
i wrote them a "folksy" ad and offered to do a spot or two
I AM SO READY for my 15 seconds of fame....

- dear friends,
I may not really know you
but my life is richer for your presence there
I may not have ever poured you coffee
but our conversations have helped me find more of my true self
our times shared may be all too brief and "every once in a while"
but they mean so much to me.
In my small town
in our tiny church the people like me are few
but in the big wide world (WWW.)
I find nuts to amuse the squirrel in me
and flying creatures that enjoy the bits of seed that
i scatter about on the ground for them to enjoy.

I am so blessed that my perspective is appreciated and
that it connects you to this ( sometimes crazy) mountain life.
for those who are new here, please feel free to browse the archives
some days I have really neat stuff to say, or a picture I like.

Tree house fans, soon we start on phase three, finishing the monster!
wish me endurance and lots of creative solutions. This is where it all comes together.

Shalom to all.... God's peace.
Dear friends make me smile like sunshine on my shoulders.

---- 7pm update the kayak glided over the water as my muscles
pumped the paddles through the crystal clear water for a full hour
I am sore, but happy, and seem to have a much more balanced view of this week after a really good BURN. apologies to the white pelicans that I chased ( i just can't resist)


PI said...

Good luck with the commercial. The first time I did a TV ad I said my name and then dried. You'll be fine - deep breaths:)


Wow. Sounds like you had fun kayaking. :-)