Friday, November 28, 2008

it's a WOW tree house, and

i REALLY did take pictures,
of the carpet, the couch, the comfy bedspread...
and yet when I get near the computer, my camera is not here...
or sometimes it is just the USB cable that is missing.

so for now I give you my list from recent therapy:

pay attention
Give from fullness
Realistic expectations

In my recent session the kind lady psychologist advised that we would be formulating goals so that we could send me on my way ( flying solo) - Termination is the word they use.... but, "I'll be back" on the shrink's couch when I need to get an attitude adjustment, it will just be a different therapist and at a different fee schedule.

Awareness: being conscious of my moods, and thinking so that I can better evaluate my self.
Rather than first criticizing my thoughts or behaviors, just become aware of them and let that lead to more patience with myself and others.
Read first: there are many time wasters out there, and I MUST READ,
before beginning on my day, before assembly, before a new project, I will read.
My new books focus on solar energy collection for heat and hot water.
Pay attention: Now that I have my GOOD ADD drugs I can focus better, and will do the RIGHT thing by really attending to those I am conversing with, and those I share this community with. I will attend to their thoughts and words, because that is what I would want to experience ( Do unto others...)
Give from fullness: when I am empty, and try to give, I run out and can become resentful, So i make sure I have enough reserves BEFORE i pour out my energy into another.
Realistic Expectations:
With a pet elephant, you expect to have some manure to pick up, don't get the pet unless youare ready to do the clean up. With people, there are things we can expect and then things we have no business expecting. Being real about these saves hurt feelings and anger.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It sounds like you are struggling with all sorts of Life Challenges. I wish you the very best with all of this.

Michele sent me tonight.....!

craziequeen said...

That's a good list, david - especially the realistic expectations one :-)

You can't go far wrong with a list like that to live by.

I have been away from blogdom for a while, but am back :-)


Amrita said...

Good wisdom there David. I like the pet elephant thing. Lot of manure to dispose of.Sometimes these pet elephants are gifted to us by God. We gotta keep cleaning up after them.

Really good David I will remember this.