Sunday, November 30, 2008

(expletive) Sunday

This morning I read a bit, wrote several things in my journal, reviewed my cataclysm dream for its possible meaning ( i think I have a new interpretation)
i talked to mom, made us both potato pancakes and fresh coffee.

In the yard, I had it good,
plenty of cedar boards, cut to size
nail gun firing clean galvanized nails into the fencing
plenty of sunshine so I could work with or without a t shirt

I did get a full section of wood fence finished, looking good
and helping to make the front side yard at my mom's more private
( so that the neighbors do not have to look at all my crap)

i had a nice lunch, a walk by the lake, and bought some groceries

maybe later I will get back to reading a GREAT book on aging and the elderly
and tomorrow I have therapy with my able counselor. i need to send some nasty collection letters.
I wish that I knew more about me, and what it is that would make me have peace, to choose clarity instead of confusion, to stop hitting my head against the wall.
Pray for me friends, as I pray for you, tonight.


mw said...

Ah David, those last two sentences ring true for me, and I will pray for clarity and peace for the both of us. I like the sense of you I get from this post, and I'll be back to read more tomorrow. Thank you for your writing!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Extra prayers sent