Saturday, November 29, 2008

hoping its not true

the end of the world as we know it.
My startling dream that had me awake for hours trying hard not to forget the details.

There is a single gun shot, and then an argument among some hunters about the distance being too far away for a safe shot at some beast.
And then the whole mountain comes down, it turns to ash, and then slides down like a huge avalanche, sweeping across everything in its path and covering all except one small car and a patch of parking lot.
I just know ( without the words being spoken) that a nuke has turned the once green mountains into piles of gray ash that smothered the whole area around me, and the inhabitants who could not run as fast as the ash flow ( it was like a very large wave that surged across the valleys and filled them in, cutting off all life).

I woke completely startled, and amazed at the clarity and the power of the vision. I prayed that it would not happen this way. Seeing what I did, I can only hope that Israel has the ability and the willingness to STOP Iran from making such a weapon.
I wonder if we, The US, have the cojones to stop Russia from giving one to Venezuela.


Snaggle Tooth said...

This type of end sceario dream, full of anguish n powerlessness has happened to me on several occassions. I've also dreamt I died several times, as well as my children. Usually I disguss the stories my mind saw with those in the dream, because it helps with understanding my anxiety.

There are many scary world happenings lately over which we have no control. It's good you are expressing the concern you feel. hopefully, it remains only a dream, n only an unrealized fear. Your subconscious is aware of how you feel, more than your conscious self. At least you are not complacent.

I wish sweet dreams for you the rest of the week-

Anonymous said...

That is a scary dream. My biggest issue with nuclear weapons is the fact that the US (and other countries) are so hypocritical about it. No one else is allowed to have nukes, but we can? Don't get me wrong, I think that we ALL need to get rid of our nukes and live peacefully, but I don't think we set a good example for others to follow.
I hope you have better dreams
Michele sent me