Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I seem to be doing alright

therapy was moved to Tuesday
and i get such a benefit from being asked the tough questions.
What benefit do you get from this ( situation, chaos, disorder, relationship, Etc.)?
So often we see only the difficulties and the barriers that our behaviors create, seldom do I get to ask " what about this works enough to keep me coming back.
It is a good question for me, because my life is definitely in a cycle.

I am learning so much, and finding out a lot about the brain ( i HAVE one)
and attention deficit treatment.

I am working steadily on the tree house and the yard around it.
On most days a big part of me is very happy, with only minor exceptions.
I have not won the lottery yet, but i still buy tickets.
If I get lucky I am going to buy a really cool, bright, flashy blog..... hehe


Suzanne said...

it's always a good thing to look for the lesson, or the good thing in every situation right?
take care and thank you for stopping by.

Amrita said...

Like that question too.

Where are you going to buy the blog from?
Didn 't understand.

David said...

sorry, Amrita, it is a joke.
since I never win, I do not have to think about what to spend my millions on.