Monday, October 08, 2007

re-integration of David

I am putting me back together,
a new, better faster me.
Smarter ( you didn't think it was possible?)
and more attuned to myself and those around me.
- - - - - - - - - -
I am also seeking help with my industrial poetry.
How about if each of you readers comes up with a couplet
or four lines each and then I can edit them into a
sweet poem about, a shower?

here are your choices for words we can rhyme:
acrylic admix ( for you over acheivers)
( you get the idea)

I got my mom to and from her sister's house,
the least you can do is write me a line or two.


angel said...

oh how i wish i could write poetry now!!!

Shari said...

I am not very creative right now. I do dabble with poetry, though.

David said...

in the land of many poets
there was not a word to be heard
alas - even the Yankees bats were silent, SOB!

Barbara said...

I'm on the prowl
for a wonderful trowel

Jayleigh said...

I tile in style...
My name isn't Lyle.

I hammer the stud...
My name isn't Bud.

I smushed on the grout...
no reason to pout.

I installed the tub,
rub a dub dub.

There's no more mold.

I think I could go on all day!

Acrylic Admix.
Something something FIX!!!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Applause for Jayleigh!

Very amusing!

Tiles were cracked around the tub
Moldy walls painted wildly above
Down stairs from the leak no water should flow
To the Home Improvement Center we go...

(woops, rhymed some of my own words)

David said...

thank you barbara,
thank you Jayleigh,
Thank you Snaggle tooth.

( patiently waiting for all the others to chime in)

Reflekshins said...

Let's go to Gilligan's Isle
to help Dave with his tile

The first stop, Thurston Howell, He'll work the trusty trowel

If Maryann and Ginger pout
We'll make them scrub the nasty grout

Acrylic admix for the tub
while Skipper eats a footlong sub

professor's skills we all must seek
to calculate and stop that leak