Thursday, October 11, 2007

i am so ashamed

i can not believe it myself,
how could I go THERE?
say that?
indulge my lowest craving.

In a hurry
I went to the counter at a McDonald's
in Home Depot
and ordered an Egg McMuffin
and ate it.

It saved time,
so that I can hurry and get done cause tonight
I am picking up my
woo hooo


Jennifer said...

Oh, COULD you?? Perhaps it would make you feel better if I confessed to the sin of eating tater tots with cheese at Sonic today!
Got the new toy picked up? We need pictures!!

Barbara said...

What is it David?

Reflekshins said...

his arteries . . .

damn mcdonald's, damn them i say
oh man quarter pounders with cheeseeeeeee (in my best Homer Simpson voice)

.:mar said...

I have to drive to France if I want an Egg what's the problem??

Anonymous said...

I bet it was good though :-)