Sunday, October 07, 2007

Letter to myself

I appreciate you so much,
you worked really hard
these last several days even though your back was hurting
you were a terrific help to the team, and your work is
indisputably among some of the best I have seen come from your talented hands.
Thanks for seeing the job and all the details the way you do. Your good attitude is often enough to keep both of us going. We are far from home and I know you wanted to be at church with your friends, and pastor, and worship in the mountains today. That can't happen. i will make it up to you.
Here is what I will do; Take today off.
I will fill in for you.
I am the man who could not make it many winter days when the grayness and clouds of depression kept me home on the couch.
I am the part of your team that lost traction during the worst of the divorce war.
I will bring with me the 'peter pan' character who never wanted to grow up, today he is going to work his juvenile butt off.
Please go to Hawaii, lay on the beach,
smell the trade winds and dream of sailing on the open sea.
The rest of us will handle it for today,
Thanks again for all you have done,
the Boss


gautami said...

Dear yourself, have fun relaxing!

Michele says so.

BTW, thanks for visiting and revisiting me!

When you get bored, you can alwys visit my poetry blog!

PI said...

Way to go David. What a wonderful attitude. If only you could bottle it - I have a couple of friends who could use some. Don't overdo it and take care of yourself. Michele joins me in sending good wishes.

WendyWings said...

Dear you, I hope you read and take heed of the letter :)
Michele sent me this fine day.
Greetings from New Zealand :)

Carmi said...

When I grow up, I want to be more like you.

Michele says I've chosen the right folks to model.

I want pictures of palm trees!

David said...

self, we did great without you, peter pan, gray man and the boss kicked it! Our total the last 4 days is 49 hours. How the heck did we do that? God knows.
Note to readers: I am hoping to reassimilate all the characters soon on the drive home, usually about 5000 feet up.

Honey, i am whooped, have a hot bath ready.

Carol said...

Hi David,

Many wishes for a relaxing break..:)

Jennifer said...

Hawaii sounds delightful to me, too! Take a bit of a break..don't over-do!


Nice. :-)

angel said...

wonderful david! we should all do that once in a while!