Thursday, October 04, 2007

post number 718

I went to the chiropractor today.
a really kind and gentle one.
she made an adjustment
but said "Someone has been taking care of you"
I replied, "That would be my girlfriend!"

ya know what?
it is very true,
that when I feel cared for
( like now)
I am healthier and happier
than when I am alone.

Thank you, honey!



I need to go to the chiropractor. Husband tries to help but I have enough back problems that his hands hurt before I am totally relaxed. This was a very sweet post.

David said...

this was a new kind for me.
No force Chiropractic!
I must also must send a shout of THANKS to my wonderful massage therapists who have helped me so much: Lisa, Dani and Kathryn, i appreciate your wonderful skills and caring touch.

Barbara said...

Life is good. Congrats.

Jennifer said...

I need to go BACK to the chiropractor...I went for a while, when I fell, but fell off the wagon. I enjoyed reading your sounds like you're very happy! :)

Anonymous said...

you make me smile!

Jennifer said...

Oh, and I just noticed that the post I'm about to put up is post #721 for me! Funny!

MissMeliss said...

How sweet that you are so well cared for.

Me? I need a massage much more than I need a chiropractor.

Michele sent me.

.:mar said...

Oh, my husband needs her (the chiropractor, not your girlfriend, lol), he's got lower back pain for two weeks now...

Carmi said...

Proof positive that folks in happy relationships tend to be happier people overall. I hear you, my friend. May your blessings continue to grow.