Tuesday, October 02, 2007

hot hot HOT

this stuff I rubbed on my back is supposed to soothe arthritis pain
YOWSER! its like my back is on FIRE.

its less painful, but How am i supposed to sleep?

i messed up my back last week
hoping for a good chiropractor, since the massage
i had provided temporary relief.

the package said that the sensation of heat may last 7 days

i have had Half Gallons of ice cream that did not last that long, and were more fun.
more later - when the Capsaicin wears off


Jennifer said...

Half gallons of ice cream rarely last more than a couple days here!! Please tell me the heat is helping your back a little? If you gotta burn, it would be nice to see the benefit, huh?

Anonymous said...

Seven days??? Ouch!

Maybe it works because you end up forgetting what hurt in the first place?? :-)

Hope your back is feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

ya need to use the heet patch it works better and wont' burn ya!

hope your gets better soon!


Barbara said...

Hope it goes away in much less than 7 days, get well soon.

Jayleigh said...

Owie!!!! I hope you're feeling a little better, friend! Prayers for your back.

craziequeen said...

Blimey - you been rubbing pepper cream on your back?? No wonder it's hot!

dude - lose the capsicum cream and get yourself some Tiger Balm. I use White, it's brilliant.

Or my boss swears by his new Tens machine.