Friday, October 05, 2007

Please,if you could:

I will need a good dose of all of these today:
strength, endurance.
Focus, wisdom
creativity and speed.

If I am to reach my goal.

would you take a minute and pray for me?

2:30 still attacking my project
or is it attacking me?

I will post pictures later
we went down to the bare studs to get rid of the
crappy stuff left by the "tile man from the planet Cheapo".
In my next incarnation I will be a quality control guy who hunts these
idiots down and makes them eat their crumbling workmanship with a plastic spork.


Carmi said...

You would love Canada's top contractor, a guy named Mike Holmes. He has his own TV show and is quite famous in his own right. He deals with this very thing: going into homes and exposing the scanadlously inept work of previous contractors.

I love watching him.

Hope you're continuing to power through the project. Michele says hi, as do I, mon ami.

David said...

thank you Carmi. (6:37 pm )
the next three hours of tile mania will be brought to you by Coka- Cola classic. Drink a liter, work an hour, woo hoo sugar rush!

colleen said...

Pray for your bad back or that you get your work done? It's all good and coming your way!

craziequeen said...

I hope you made good progress yesterday (today?).

I'm with Carmi - Mike Holmes is a hero :-)


Moogie said...

You can do it! When you are complete you will be able to sit back and enjoy all of your efforts. I can't wait to see the pictures

Carmi said...

Me again. Just read your earlier comment from Michele's. My industrial poetry is quite good: it was through poetry that I was first published, and first caught the writing bug. I don't do much of it anymore, but that doesn't mean I can't be coaxed back into it sometime.

Saying a prayer for you that you'll soon be finished this project. You sound deep into it, and I'm sure it'll work out OK because you're on the job.

surcie said...

I said a prayer, David!