Saturday, September 08, 2007

not much time for blogging :-(

it is the day for "pedal to the metal" concrete form construction.

here is what we want:
perfectly level forms,
also VERY square corners
no rocks or roots in the trenches.

and plenty of strength- endurance for this old man.
yesterday the shoveling was trying to kill me,
but I would not let it.

update: good progress with some helpers pitching in.
dinner break is over at 6pm, back for more fun and games. hehe
i am very sore and tired. :-)


T N C h i c k said...

Hope everything goes well - I see you have a new home - congrats!! =)

November Rain said...

michelle sent me to wish you luck

Barbara said...

Good luck with the concrete.

The music catalog came today, the one with your photo on the cover.

David said...

yay, my beautiful daughter and her friend are gracing the cover of a major music supplier catalog, thank you for letting me know, Barbara, I am still waiting for mine.

David said...

the concrete work picture are on "Travels with Charlie"

gautami tripathy said...

Glad about you daughter making on the cover of Shar catalog. My congratulations to her.

Michele sent me here to say that.

kenju said...

Of course you're allowed to brag, David, as well you should! Congrats to you and your daughter!

angel said...

sore & tired after a hard day's work is such a fantastic feeling!