Sunday, September 09, 2007

a bit of breathing room

i have a bit more room in my garage and driveway
I took an hour - or so to move stuff around, hang some
shelves - and find the stuff that was buried in the "pile".

each day I sketch out a bit more Normalcy
for myself - and fulfil part of my mission
( building houses)
and artistic needs, designing and building shelves in my room from yummy WOOD.

this post is lacking
as I took a wacking
this week at work

I will try harder later

pictures at my photo blog


Barbara said...

I'm glad life is good David.

Michele said...

Stopping by to say hello...

I love the line "each day I sketch out a bit more Normalcy / for myself"
I would require a very large sketch pad for me to even contemplate normalcy, however, I have litle doubt that YOU are quite normal. Well, almost. (wink)

Yes, Michele sent me, she is odd like that. Have a glorious week David.

Sara said...

Hello, Michele sent me - it looks like you are busy making a new life!!! And, getting some breathing room...hopefully as I unpack the remaining boxes I will have a bit more breathing room, too

Jennifer said...

When you get done, if you still have any energy left, do you want to come clean out my garage? I'm undermotivated this week...

-E said...

Sounds like you're staying busy. Hope the coming week finds you well. I wandered over from Michele's.

angel said...

how wonderful- thats so exciting for you! i can't wait for updates!