Friday, September 07, 2007

I wish I had some Jimi Hendrix on my media player

I have a few ( too Many) things going on
and sometimes the only thing that cuts through the 'static'
is the unbelievable guitar of my old friend Jimi.

this morning there is a toasted bagel in my lap,
coffee on my right hand side
and vitamins and supplements on my left.

17 other things are stacked up in my brain
waiting to be sorted, and then accomplished
YESTERDAY was amazing in many ways.

Clearly God in His mercy is helping me to do it all.
County Building and safety is being SO helpful.
My mom is better, or at least well enough that I only stop in once a day
to harass her beagle, Chester, and remind her to drink lots of water.
( when I am old I hope my kids come up with a better drinking plan for me,
like plenty of margaritas and daquiris)

The foundation I am about to dig and pour
is simple, haha, and like no other I have done.
Like all engineered products, it is over designed
and mostly full of details that are useless, but that if overlooked can
make the county inspector nervous, which we do not want.


Russ said...

Hey David. I posted up a couple of pics of the Kayak project.
And I'm with you on the Hendrix. My two faves are Voodoo Child and Watchtower.

mar said...

Hey Joe! I mean Hey David! dropping by to say hello :)