Tuesday, August 07, 2007

ten for tuesday

the color of tuesday morning is green,
like the fresh oregano waiting to be added to the herb garden.

the flavor of this morning is rasberry tea, hot with wild honey

the smell of this fine morning is mint, also destined for the herb garden

texture this morning is wool carpet under bare feet ( i almost typed bear feet! hehe)

the attitude is "not a statistic" go get help with your insanity

the inspiration of the day is people who have adversity, but follow God and make a good life, counting it a blessing to raise wise children, for they are the future.

the humor for the day is provided by an unnamed atheist, who objects to hearing "God bless you" when she sneezes. to her I say 'Zeus watch over you!' funny how people will pick a fight over stuff like that. why not just ask God if he is real, and to reveal himself to you?

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