Sunday, August 05, 2007

cooking peach preserves

when you have 20 minutes to "burn" in between batches of freestone peaches
that you are canning ( or jarring)

Blog, of course.

what a WEEKEND!
Thursday dinner out with my mom, and daughter and special friend.
La Montana: muy delicioso, chile relleno - and then choco cake ( ouch!)

Friday night progressive dinner with the church folks:
yummy appetizers, THEN prime rib of beef, perfectly done
and dessert at the pastor's house ( ouch ouch!)

Saturday - live jazz in the park,
snacky rolled up vegan sushi and some wraps.
Walk the dog to get some exercise.

(Saturday am was when I got the new move out date of 9-1)
haha I laugh at adversity!!!

church and morning feast: we do this every week!
( book of acts style)
lazy afternoon reading
dinner by the lake at sunset,
my tummy hurts again,
when will i ever learn?

no soon I hope

it was a fine four day birthday bash
too much happiness to relate in a single post
now to the serious hustle of the month ahead.

buut first back to the hot stove ( its 10:25 pm)
I am happy


Mr. Althouse said...

Well, it sounds like you ate well this weekend at least. Me? My finger tips hurt!

Michele sent me,


Chris said...

Wow. I went to a farmer's market today and the peaches were incredible. I told my husband I wished I knew how to can them because I would have bought loads of them! I only bought 3 because I'm the only one who likes them. Is it easy?
Sounds like you had a great weekend. Good for you!

Jennifer said...

I'm hungry now...and it's 4:30 in the morning....not a good time for it ;). Sounds like you've been enjoying your birthday weekend very much!! I'm glad :)

angel said...

it sounds like you celebrated like a mad thing!!! way to go!!!

Expat Mom said...

Canning? Mmmm, good plan! I can´t find any canning supplies down here in Guatemala or I´d be doing the same! Hope your week goes as well as the weekend.

Michele sent me.

Jayleigh said...

Glad you had a super weekend. I did too and my sis is now back in California. Boo!