Tuesday, August 07, 2007

pulling stumps, seeing the doctor

I am clearing a lot for a new home ( due in 6 weeks)
and using my ancient TRUCK to grab hold of the stumps and rip them out of the ground.
it is a 1969 Dodge crew cab 4x4
heavy, lots of low end power, SLOW and geared low.
it pulls like crazy, and the stumps fly out of the ground.

it is a guy thing, I know.

One thing that is NOT a guy thing is going to see the Dr. for a checkup.
I went because I really wanted/ needed a prescription ( actually two)
and since I was there I fessed up that I had not had an exam in more than a decade
and his eyes lit up, he was talking prostate, colon, oh Boy!

I set the rules, no one needs to worry about my prostate, it is fine.
He said colonoscopy, i told him I have a digital camera and a garden hose
and I will pass on any thing more technical ( he laughed).

we are doing a (blood where it should not be) test.
the details of that are not bloggable.
for two days I get no red meat, lots of veggies and bran.
Yikes! who really wants this much news about my insides.
a few people will be glad that I am thinking abot my health.
most of them do not read this blog.

Today I started on Concerta for my ADD.
21 days to a new rental situation, and my fertile brain is coming up with good options/ alternatives ( living in the OLD truck is not one of them)
Living in a tree is.... hehe


mar said...

Good for you for going to the doctor! I know, it is not a guy thing. But it's good to know you are taking care of yourself.

Rain said...

You should do the colonoscopy if you are over 50. It's simply a wise thing and although I didn't have mine until I was 63, I am a believer in their value considering how many people have found things before they turn dangerous. They are not that bad-- Opinion by MamaRain *s*

jel said...

did U you really say at ? :)

you are a funny man!

and thanks for the birthday wish!

David said...

the blood in the stool test is free,a colon scan would be $500
I don't have it

jel said...

I hear ya there!