Wednesday, August 08, 2007

'Roid rage

I think that is close to what teachers in my community make per year.
bu then they have that great vacation schedule
and the joy of working with youth
and such beautiful surroundings
( outside the aging classrooms)
they had to fight this year for a raise
I am glad they have a contract, and glad my kids get a decent education.

who else makes $43,287.00?
an unremarkable ball player who hits lots of home runs but
teaches nothing about team work, or responsibility, or fairness.
One who will need to hide behind his lawyers for the rest of his days.

One small man, a Giant, if you will, makes $43,287 today,
and every day this year,
even when he is on vacation.
yes, there IS something wrong with that.


Jennifer said...

43.THOUSAND.DOLLARS.A. DAY???? You're kidding me...aren't you? Please say yes...

David said...

i used my calculator, try it on yours:
divide 365

Jennifer said...


Bill said...

Our whole society is so messed up in our priorities. We will pay a ball player millions. Those to whom we entrust the education of our children, the future of our children we pay nothing in comparison.
It was nice to hear from you again.

Jayleigh said...

That is truly insane. Teachers should get bonuses for good performance. Ball players should have to scratch for every single raise.

David said...

and you don't want to know what football coaches in colege make...
NO - you don't!
all because thay bring in the TV money.

mar said...

This is a crazy world...
Michele sent me this time, David. HI!!!


I think there is something wrong with that, too. I also think that outstanding teachers should be commended even more & that we should study their methods to pass on to future generations of teachers. Maybe we should give some teacher a really successful TV show. How much did people like Mr. Wizard or Mr. Rogers make???


I "Stumbled" this conversation as I think it is very interesting & very important. :-)