Friday, August 10, 2007

20 days to new habitat

I should be excited.
something new
leave all this current load of "stuff"
and go make a new home for myself and Hannah.

But the MOVING, Arrrgggg!

oh well,
pray I get god deal on a nice place near to my mom,
and that our transition there goes smoothly.

in "canning" news, I made a big batch of dill pickles,
more peach jam and a new mango- spiced peach blend.
I have sweets, just no where to eat them, yet.


David said...

god deal is a typo, but still apropos.

Awareness said...

one should always try for a god deal.

I love dill pickles......and hate moving!

Bon chance.

Hello from michele and me....

take care

Jennifer said...

Oh, wow...I want some peach jam!! That sounds delicious!!
I hate moving, too...I feel for'll be busy for a while!
Have a great weekend... *hugs*

PI said...

Hope all goes well David. This place is too big for us now but we can't face the move! Take it easy! Michele says hi!

jel said...

maybe it wasn't a typo! :)

hope ya get a home that is made just for ya!

Barbara said...

Congratulations! I hope you love the new place.

mar said...

You'll love your new place :)

Michael Manning said...

Here via Michele! Have a cool weekend!

Jamie Dawn said...

Moving can be stressful and a real pain, but when the move is done and the boxes are emptied....
Ahhhh. A new home feels like a new beginning.

That last part made me hungry!

Thanks for stopping by.

Terry said...

Good Morning David..
Oh I sure do not envy you that you will be moving. We just went through two weeks of packing up stuff for my parents so that they could have some apartment "bugs" taken care of.
What a job!
You never know how much junk you have before you have to pack it all up!
Now this week we have to unpack it all up!! Work!

It would be so nice if you do get a nice place near your mom
I will pray along with you that you do...From Terry

Jayleigh said...

geez david.... if we were closer, we'd come help pack and move... but alas...

angel said...

oh i love dill pickles! i do hope the move goes well...