Monday, August 20, 2007

newer readers

persons ( and sock puppets) new to reading this blog
may wish to know some of the following:

the sunrise above was captured by me with a 2MP Fuji camera
in winter
in my underwear ( most likely)
because when I see something like that I don't go looking where I dropped my jeans last night.

that I do write poetry - and that its buried deep in the archives

that I have many loves, and one girlfriend.
I don't blog much about my personal relationships
but if I did, it would be good reading.

I prefer to talk about my children ( 3) and my hobbies (? any number)
and my immediate family, who are gems and a huge part of who I am and what I am becoming.

Yes, I am still changing into the full essence of David, having been through several life events that partially eclipsed who I was or who I could have been. Those events are part of me now, and I may choose to reflect on them here, once in a while. More likely I will pick a scene from daily life and tell you how it affects me, or what I see in the simple pleasures, the tastes of great food, the feel of massaging a sore muscle back to health, what it means to me to be the cheer leader for my aging mom.
I am becoming, and God already sees me as complete, beautiful.
Completely Beautiful in Christ.


Jennifer said...

I feel completely refreshed after reading that post. You have a gift for presenting your thoughts; they almost become art, rather than the drivel on a page that some folks write ;) Keep it up! :)

angel said...

wow david- i didn't realise you took that picture- its incredible!

jel said...

ya are something special