Sunday, August 19, 2007

many loves

I love: ( in no particular order)
my blog - it is a constant imaginary friend
driving slow - it really freaks out the tourists and teens
watching the sunrise, I survived another night

I love hot coffee and fresh sourdough toast
the way birds fly crazy, even on short trips
the feel of a dogs thick fur between my fingers
the power of my muscles ( but not so much the ache afterwards)

I <3 reading the paper because I can skip all the depressing "city" stories that do not apply to me.
reading detective novels, massage manuals, and canoe construction books
not having to read instructions, because mostly I can figure it out
seeing beneath weak anti God arguments for what they are: fear of truth

I luv being a man, with an axe and a chainsaw and a four wheel drive,
eating way to much good food, watching a movie
I enjoy not pretending, just being.

I truly love these moments with you, the computer, my coffee
and the brightness of a brand new day .

( must sign off now, sounding too much like Barney.)


lydia2007. said...

I backtracked to your site from a comment you left on another site that I got a chuckle out of - and I was not disappointed. What a wonderful site you have created. I love your style of writing - I love your way of looking at the world - and your photography is FABULOUS!

colleen said...

That just perked me right up. I guess I was slouching and forgetting some of the things I love too!

Barbara said...

I'm glad life is good.

Jennifer said...

I love how you snuck that bit about the girlfriend in there ;). And I, too, love my blog...I have decided I'm hopelessly you think that's a bad thing?

angel said...

what a wonderful post- its so nice to find a positive post on occasion.

jel said...

glad ya are in a good mood! :)

hey I posted that picture of Chubby C and me, if ya want to see it!

have a great day!

David Edward Linus said...

Jenn, i took the girlfriend part out, and now I do not know why.