Monday, August 20, 2007

look for Hannah and Kayla

the photos are posted at

I am so happy/ proud on this first day
with the keys to what will be my first REAL home in a long time.

the kitchen is HUGE
all the better for jam- preserves, italian cooking, pickles, you name it.

Now I just need furniture,
and a few pots and pans.

Thankfully, Labor day is a good time for Yard sales!


Jayleigh said...

What an amazing shot. Good job!!!

Jennifer said...

Hannah and Kayla are both gorgeous! That was a GREAT picture!!
Enjoy your new home. I am VERY jealous about the kitchen! Will we see pictures?

Barbara said...

She looks beautiful! Congratulations on the new home.

phoenix said...

Congrats on the new house David. I know with that kitchen you will be in canning heaven. Good news on my blog as well. Hugs :)

Terry said...

So glad that your new home will have a big kitchen David!
Are you going to do all that Italian cooking?
Oh how I love spaghetti!
Alas! That is why I am so fat.
I could have it first thing in the morning even..fried with lots of hot peppers and NO garlic!
No garlic EVER!!

Hannah and Kayla are just beautiful!....from Terry

David Edward Linus said...

i just thought of it, some one dear and sweet, who loved me to pieces, bought me a set of cookware right after this, what a special gift, one that I still cherish.