Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday six

colors in the sunrise that defy description

Tammy Faye finally needs no makeup

Jesus Christ is on the radio

My brother and sister make me proud

at Great Minds a reader finds answers thru their doctor and proper medication

our church service is two parts, worship in word and music and then a meal together, every Sunday! It is one of the most real places I have ever worshipped. God bless you pastor Gene.


Bob-kat said...

Oh yes, sunrise and sunset defy description for sure! The sky is such a wonderful pallette :)

Here from Michele's as you posted just after me :)

Terry said...

Tammy Faye was a pretty lady,
She never needed make up to begin with.
I felt sad that she died but I really think that she was a Christian..I hope so..
She won't be crying anymore if she is in heaven with the Lord!

Your sunset is really nice.
We have some nice ones in Ontario but the prettiest ones in Canada are in Manitoba.
Saija has some really nice Manitoba sunrises on her blog.
I put her husband, Leo and her into one of them....from Terry