Saturday, July 21, 2007

saturday seven

( wherein I related seven or more of the best things about living life inside of David's head)

1. Barking dogs do not bother me, even on a lazy day.

2. Pain is only a messenger, hear the message and provide the help and balance your body needs.

3. Art is everywhere, even rusted tractor parts in the forest have a theme.

4. Giving is natural, holding on tightly to anything is not. Relax, breathe, melt into the fabric of life.

5. If life allows you to be taken care of, then become a caretaker, you can have joy in the completion of a cycle that is old as time. Live long enough to be taken care of again, but don't be crabby in your old age, when the rest of your generation exists only as pictures on the wall.

6. Walk long on the natural woodland trail, take short trips in the car ( especially if riding with Teddy Kennedy).

7. When you have the choice of saying something dangerously sweet and sentimental, or being silent, err on the side of sweetness. Unspoken love is as useless as a spare tire with no air.

I liked that, I hope you will, too



Jennifer said...

I liked them all, but the last one in particular :) (hugs)

margalit said...

No Teddy Kennedy jokes, please. He's a WONDERFUL senator and he's done more for this country than the Shrub ever will.

Here from michele

Chris said...

#2, agreed.

#3, ABSOLUTELY agreed.

#4, I'm learning to do this more and more.

#6, I try to stay as far away from Ted Kennedy as I can! LOL

This list is great David. Thanks for sharing it!

Carmi said...

I most certainly do like all of these, David. The spirit in which they are written speaks to me. This very much parallels the way I have chosen to lead my life.

Michele's too, I believe. I'm waaay late getting here from her site thanks to a cantankerous installation of Windows Vista and an unfortunately timed falling asleep episode. Next time, I'll say yes when my wife offers me tea!

David said...

margalit, Ted's driving is no joke, ask Mary Jo's family. Chris, its getting harder to stay far away, soonhe will be his own national monument.
Carmi, you already know that I admire you, and what you do, and the way you care for your family, there is hope for Canada yet!
Jennifer, praying for you and your hearing, while I am in church today.

'B' said...

I can relate to No. 3, I love rusty tractors!

Here from Michele's on a Monday morn (12.06am)!

Bob-kat said...

Oh yes! Especially No3. Art is everywhere you just have to open your eyes and look! :)