Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday Memo

Help is on the way!
My computer, which I fried some time ago, is about to be revived and reconfigured by the doctor of all things computerological, my own Son, Oren.
He is going to upgrade his and mend mine with his old Motherboard.
So in about a week, I will have my own place to play ( online)
and not have to borrow or share space.
Good for those who like pictures, asI will be sharing some again,
and good for me, I will get to drive to the central valley of Ca to pick up the new machine.
All too much excitement for me, way better than any old book about spells and magic.
Don't ya think so?


jel said...

ya got that right ! :)

have a great day!

Carol said...

I am sure you will make good use of your mended computer...It sure is handy when we know someone who can mend our old comps..I am so very lucky to have my daughters boyfriend who has his own business...although I think he likes to shrink when he sees me coming with a question or a request for help....

Terry said...

Ha!! I crashed our machine twice and we were so fortunate that one of the kids at our servers fixed it all up again for us for free!
How we crashed it the first time is we went to pur program list and deleted this or that program that we THOUGHT we didnt need and as most of those were windows updates, the XP didn't like the idea of them being deleted.
Now we two oldsters don't bother fooling around uninstalling anything.

You told me on my blog you would tell me when your birthday is.
"Fess up now David!!...from Terry

PS I have heard that most of the smart people in this world are born in August, but when I was born in August I was a exception of that rule!!......From Terry

Thanks for your visit David!

Hi Jel!! You little piece of sunshine you!!

angel said...

woohoo 4 new machines!! i had a bit of a scare a coupla weeks ago...