Wednesday, July 11, 2007

side trip to a ficticious country

Today's Elbonian proverbs:

When the coffee bean is ready,
the hand will appear to pick it.

When the bean is perfectly roasted,
a sack will be provided.

When the sack is full of beans,
watch out ( hold your nose).

When the beans hit the grinder
the noise will wake the only non coffee drinker in the house.

The boiling of the water will take less time if there are no beans.
It will take longer if there is snow on the ground,
and will not happen at all if you did not pay the gas bill.

When the beans are ground just right,
and the water boils,
and the cup is clean,
there will be no filters.

Thank you to Scott Adams, for the place of Elbonia,
whose citizens make even our Senators look smart.
No small task.

Say no to Amnesty, say yes to a good strong fence.
Keep an eye out for Fred Thompson.
links today are to Wikipedia
and are brought to you by the number blue, the color seven, and the sound of an empty coffee cup ( waaaaahhh!)


Jennifer said...

You are amazing, David...what incredible poetry! I feel terribly for you though, if you have no coffee. Without it I'd never be able to make it through the morning!!
It appears that you're finding your stride again. I was afraid you were starting to lose interest in blogging for a little while there :)
Have an awesome week!! :)

gautami tripathy said...

I got here from michele and find what a grea way to start the morning.

With a poem on coffee and coffee beans. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks.

jsdaughter said...

Oh David- sounds like one of MY mornings!!
Michele sent me :)