Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday night prayer meeting

nice of you to visit
my computer died many months ago ( my fault)
the other at my house that I was using died this morning
so that makes posting a challenge.

Nothing at all like the challenges faced by Minerva,
my blog friend. Would you take two minutes to drop by and leave some TLC in her comments. then pray.
While we are rpaying for special people, mention Heather to our Father
and Jayleigh, who is at a special time in her life.


Bob-kat said...

These things are sent to try us! Good luck with the computers.

Been to see Minerva - fingers very much crossed for her...

Jennifer said...

oh no...come on over here...we have four computers, all working. I can't imagine being without one!! How are you still posting?

Jayleigh said...

Thanks, David. You're the best. Ever faithful at commenting and praying even when I go off into lala land and don't comment for months at a time.

Minerva said...

You poor thing David. What a PAIN!!
These things are sent to try us huh?

Thanks for the good wishes,


PI said...

Hi David1 Just popped over. Thank you for dropping by. I visited Minerva yesterday. Hope your computer gets better. Have a good week.