Friday, July 20, 2007

Oh baby!

i just had the BEST massage.

that is all

just wanted you to know how deliriously happy I am.

--- update -- drinking a Boddingtons Pub Ale ( cold)
in honor of Minerva's good news.

Happy weekend, all!


BreadBox said...

Wonderful! Assuming that you paid for it from a professional, make sure you send lots of business their way!

Michele sent me tonight!

David said...

hey BB, I used to pay this lady, and she is the best, I recommended her to so many people now it takes two weeks to get an appt.
we are on a trade basis, I trade get one massage and give one back later ( pun intended)

Jennifer said...

Oh hush!! I SO need one!!
When are you coming my way with your massage table???

Anonymous said...

I've only ever had one massage (well, a professional one anyway - wink) and the poor woman had to wake me up! It was a hot stone massage and it was wonderful!

Glad to hear Minerva's news was good - I went and checked on her when you posted about it :-) Good news indeed!

jel said...

have a great weekend,

a that was great new about Minerva's! :)


Becky68 said...

I could use a massage, I have to whisper though, because both my 11 & 8 year olds think they're great at giving massages & they don't know their own strength. I'd rather suffer in silence.
Here from Micheles.

David said...

becky, teach them the need for gentle touch, and how soothing it is, buy a book(I could recommend one) and learn together.

Carol said...

good news about Minerva...:)